Jul 4, 2013

Pirate Score, an Epic Adventure ahead

Hello there everyone!!! I hope you are all well!!!

It´s Aelathen here, ready to share with you a few things that I hope you may enjoy! (=

After beginning to write his Fantasy Story and the Soundtrack for it, Adrian von Ziegler surprises us with another huge project: A Pirate Score!
An epic adventure full of mystery and emotions ahead. The song "Winds are Shifting" is the entry of the Score, which will be followed by hopefully hours of pirate music, where you can hear once again Adrian´s uniqueness in his music together with his emotions put in every single note!

Adrian thinks about writing the story for the Score and perhaps one day share it with the world, something that I highly support and agree with!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone (=
- Aelathen

Jun 13, 2013


Adrian and me just simply wanted to say Hello to you all!
We hope that everything is going well to all of you!!!

May 5, 2013

Feather and Skull - NEW ALBUM

Hello there everyone!
Here it is!!! The long expected album is in the online stores now!!! It includes gothic music, celtic, emotional and world music!!!
Link to the album:

Download of all 10 albums (!!!) in one huge package here:

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Jan 23, 2013

Subscribers and Followers - Thank you...!!!.

  Hello everyone out there, listeners and followers of Adrian von Ziegler´s songs...!!!
  This evening Adrian had a very good beautiful moment when he realized he is almost having 50,000 subscribers on his Official Youtube Account...
  He feels incredibly touched to see that people still stand and follow him with the new works he creates because he is the kind of the silent persons who just does the things and doesnt think as someone special or important and neither does he think his creations are special...it is just a part of him, his music is himself...and when people support his passion it is just an incredible feeling that not even words could describe...
  He does everything with his soul, he puts such a hard work in all his songs, he really puts his soul, his sadness and joy in everything he creates...
 Whenever he starts to compose and he gets on the keyboard he just...starts...he doesnt need to search for inspiration because when you do something as part of your soul, then that feeling comes from within and from your own self only...Even though I am used to this it still makes me shiver each time I think about it because I am not saying these words because of my feelings as I always repeat this, I am saying these words because they are true... Composing is something that Adrian would love to have as life career, because as I said, it is part of him...having any other job would interfere with his time to express himself and give a piece of his soul to the rest of the world.
So for this reason, sincere thank you...thank you from our soul...THANK YOU...!!! Your support means more than you could even imagine!!!...

Warm Greetings,
Carina / Aelathen.

Jan 10, 2013

New Year

Hello there everyone!
Even though it is late, Adrian and me want to wish you a Very Happy New Year and we hope that you had a Merry Christmas full of love in your hearts!!!
I know that we have been a bit absent from almost any kind of internet site, but we have our holidays together and we are rarely around the computer.
It is actually really late here now, but I just wanted to shortly pass by to keep you in update at least a tiny bit! As requested and promised, we are working very hard on creating real CDs and our excitement is very big with every new work!
Thank you very much for your support!!!

Nov 25, 2012

Cluster Headache

A few weeks ago a very kind person called Claudio, who creates hope for people suffering from Cluster Headache messaged Adrian and me:

Let me tell you first what CH is before we get into more details:

Quoting from Wikipedia :
"Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience. I know that’s quite a strong remark to make, but if you ask a cluster headache patient if they’ve had a worse experience, they’ll universally say they haven't. Women with cluster headache will tell you that an attack is worse than giving birth. So you can imagine that these people give birth without anesthetic [several] times a day. Many cluster headache sufferers have committed suicide, leading to the nickname "suicide headaches" for cluster headaches.

Now we are both working on something that can help people with this condition, he makes a song and I will make a picture so that when the people are in pain there is something that can calm them a bit in some way, we know it is not much, but we want to do anything we can for those people. Adrian will allow this song to be downloaded for free so that the message can be spread as wide as possible, that it can reach any person under this situation and hopefully help them in their worst moments. Cluster Headaches can attack anyone anytime and there isnt really a cure or something that can stop the pain, many people have chosen to stop living instead of having to live with these horrific pains...We wish that CH would have never existed and until they can find a cure, we want that everyone spreads love and positive thoughts.
We want to give warmth and hope in any way we can to anyone that suffers from CH.